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Why Poetry Month Matters: Awakening Society Through Verse.

Happy Poetry Month – May you discover the poems that help you to breakthrough into a deeper, truer, freer and more fulfilling life.

April brings us Poetry Month, a special time to dive into the world of poems. It’s not just about reading old poetry books; it’s about celebrating the way poetry impacts our lives; how it can really stir up our thoughts and feelings and make us see the world in new ways.

Poetry: The Language We All Feel

Poems help us understand love, sadness, happiness, and loss in deep ways. During Poetry Month, we’re reminded that poems are not just for book lovers; they’re for everyone. They’re in our favorite songs, in powerful speeches, and in those simple lines that say so much about what we feel.

Poems Show Us Who We Are

Poems are like mirrors that show us what’s happening in the world and within us. Poetry is full of story, whether it’s one of hope, struggle, or everyday life. Poetry Month makes this mirror even bigger, letting us hear from all kinds of people and understand each other better.

Finding Comfort in Poems When Times Are Tough

Life can be hard, and sometimes we go through really tough times. That’s when poems can be a big comfort. They remind us that we’re not alone; that our pain is not unique. Poetry Month is a time to remember that, through the toughest times, the words we need are available to us. 

Poems Can Spark Change

Poems can not only cause us to think new thoughts and feel deeply, they can also cause us to act.  Poetry Month celebrates not just the beauty of poems but also their power to make us think about big issues and make meaningful change.

My favourite  poets use their words to help me imagine a better world and inspire me to help make that world real.

Giving Poetry Time

Think of reading poetry like cultivating a garden; it requires patience, attention, and an openness to the insight and emotion that may emerge.

To read poetry in a way that allows it to make a significant impact in your life, approach each poem with a willingness to engage deeply, not just with your mind but with your senses and emotions. 

Take your time to savor the imagery, rhythm, and layers of meaning. Read aloud when possible, letting the sounds and cadences resonate.

Reflect on the emotions and thoughts the poem evokes, and consider keeping a poetry journal to jot down your reflections and the personal connections you draw. 

By immersing yourself fully and giving each poem space to breathe in your life, you allow the subtle magic of poetry to unfold, enriching your experience of the world and offering new perspectives on the familiar.

Happy Poetry Month – May you discover the poems that help you to breakthrough into a deeper, truer, freer and more fulfilling life.

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