For Wonderers and Contemplators

A collection created to revive, ‘A Strong and Fragile Thing,’ musings in reflection of the wisdom and wonder found in the natural world, is divided into 4 sections; sky winks, earth bodies, water faces and weather voices, that explore the beauty and diversity in and beyond our planet.

A compilation of free verse poetry with all the ‘feels’, this work is a reminder of the power of watchfulness, and how being still brings peace and connects us to something much larger. ‘A Strong and Fragile Thing’, is for those who seek to heal, enliven, and become reenchanted with the privilege of being here.

For Healers and Surmounters

Validation for the disqualified. Consolidation for the grieved. ‘The Remains of Burning’ is an offering of words for those pained by lost dreams and relationships; words for when what you thought would never happen, happens.

Available as a stand-alone poetry book or a therapeutic journal in which poems are paired with a series of reflective writing prompts to help readers navigate times of suffering. Unearth thoughts and emotions, to encourage healing by firstly focusing on the true expression of pain and slowly write your way towards new hope.

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