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A strong and Fragile Thing

A collection created to revive, ‘A Strong and Fragile Thing,’ musings in reflection of the wisdom and wonder found in the natural world, is divided into 4 sections sky winks, earth bodies, water faces and weather voices, that explores the beauty and diversity in and beyond our planet.

Read and let the living pour life into you.

The Remains of Burning

This is how it goes.

First, the snatch of flame – the shaking, the breaking, the burnout, the death of a dream, the loss of a loved one, the line between before and after.

What follows is the cooling of coals – waking that can only be done in the absence of a flame; it’s impossible to sleep when you’re freezing.

In time, it is understood that ashes are of great value, and with courage, grief folds into gratefulness.

Poetry for when what you thought would never happen, happens; words for when you feel all you have is the Remains of Burning.

'Love is in yesterday; in the hour I saw you last. Love is present here, though I don’t always sense the many ways you come to me. Love is in tomorrow, preparing rooms and hearts to walk into. Love is in it all: the blur of memories, the breath of certainties, the blink of possibilities.’

- from ‘The Remains of Burning.’

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