Write to Heal. Read to Understand. Live to inspire.

This is Me

I write, seek to inspire, and guide. Residing in Lake Macquarie, Australia, I harness the transformative power of words and therapeutic writing. My books and journal serve as conduits for healing, growth, and creativity.

I was one of those enthusiastic theatre kids – all singing, all dancing, all acting. My childhood was full of art, auditions and an endless supply of glitter.

Now, as a certified therapeutic writing coach, I empower individuals to express themselves, find healing, and uncover personal insights through writing.

I value authenticity, creativity, and freedom, principles that I live by as a woman, wife and mother navigating life’s challenges and changes.

Join me in celebrating every new beginning and creating narratives that heal and enlighten.

"I've found that writing and creativity are not just hobbies; they are lifelines. Because it's not just journaling, is it? It's heart work. It's brain and body work. I guess you could say it's life work."

Pages, Posts, and Pathways: Conduits for Creativity and Healing


Engage with my collection of free verse poetry. Explore themes of grief, loss, wonder, and wisdom. These pages are designed to provoke thought and evoke deep emotions, offering readers a space to reflect and connect with their experience and the word around them.


Each post offers a glimpse into my creative process, the healing power of writing, and the valuable life lessons I've learned along the way. Discover inspiration to fuel your own creative journey and personal growth.


Whether you're new to journaling or looking to deepen your practice, explore a wealth of tips, tricks, and techniques to bring your journalling to life. My retreats and blog posts offer practical advice and creative strategies to help you use journaling as a powerful tool for healing and self-expression.

"Your story, your voice, your contribution—they are significant. Embrace your inherent creativity; you have more to give than you realise. No matter what has happened, you hold the power to write a beautiful ending. Let your words shape the future and illuminate the path forward."


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