Restorative writing isn't about writing, it's about you.

Write to Rise.

Numerous studies have proven the value of therapeutic writing. Research shows it strengthens mental, emotional, and physical health, by reducing stress, regulating emotions, boosting memory and improving overall wellbeing.

The unique program ‘Write to Rise’ was crafted to assist participants breakthrough in areas of their lives. Lauren leads individuals and groups through a series of writing exercises aimed to unlock creativity, draw out courage and increase clarity and self-awareness.

‘Write to Rise’ restorative Writing Day Retreat.

(max of 12 people)

What can you expect?

A soul led writing experience where I teach you tips, tricks and tools to find healing, clarity and direction for your life through the power of restorative writing.

“What an outstanding experience!- transformational therapeutic writing, stunning venue, beautiful hospitality, and a cracking bunch of people embracing new skills, creativity, freedom and personal growth. Highly recommend.” – Alison.

“A unique experience. I would definitely attend another retreat and would recommend it to lots of people I know.” -Rachel.

“Absolutely amazing day! Such an incredible experience. I would highly recommend this to everyone.” -Bron.

“It was brilliant! It was so empowering and I am so grateful for what I gained from being at this retreat.” -Meagan.

New retreats coming soon!

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‘Write to Rise’ one on one therapeutic writing session

(face to face or via zoom)

Let Lauren lead you through writing exercises specifically crafted to your needs. Whether you wish to work through pain and loss, on discovering yourself or on finding clarity and direction for your life, Lauren will create a therapeutic writing experience just for you.


Lauren is a certified therapeutic writing coach, not a therapist.  
As a therapeutic writing coach she is unable to diagnose or work in depth with mental health concerns. Her focus is to prompt participants towards life improvement and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Therapeutic writing practices